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5 Reasons To Think About Your Expiring Benefits Now!


flex-dollarsDecember is always a busy time in our office. In fact, December 31 is probably the busiest day of the year for our team. We know that December is busy for anyone during the holiday season, but what makes our office so busy, especially when we are closed for more holidays in one month than any other year: Flex Benefits and Insurance Benefits! Many plans and programs expire at the end of each year and our patients are trying to maximize those plans.


  1. Book Early! The earlier in December you come in for an eye appointment, order glasses, or plan a procedure, the easier it will be on your holiday schedule. Most insurance plans allow you to come in any time during the same month of your past exam. So, let’s say you came in last year on December 28 for your eye exam, most plans will allow you to come any time in the month of December this year and still be in the window where they’ll cover it. Some plans do require you to wait a full 365 days before they will cover an exam. How do you know what your plan says? Call our insurance specialists at our front desk. They can explain your benefits to you and help you navigate the details.
  2. Ask the questions! Understanding what your options are with your insurance benefits is crucial. Sometimes that requires you calling your flexible spending account companies and insurance companies yourself to find out what your deadlines are. Sometimes it is as simple as talking to our trained insurance staff to help you understand your deadlines.
  3. Holiday Break Times Fill Up Fast! As with any doctor, when college students and local students are on break, the appointment slots fill up fast! Why compete for these spots when the first few weeks of December have plenty of room?
  4. Get Your New Look Before The Holidays! If you are eligible to get new glasses or contacts now, why wait until the end of the month to use your benefits? You could be showing off your new look at the Christmas party or with your family. Most glasses take a week or more to come in from our lab, so plan ahead if you really want to show off your new look!
  5. Flexible Spending Dollars To Burn. Sometimes people have lots of money in their flexible spending accounts that will go to waste if they don’t use it. We see many people wanting to get backup glasses, prescription sunglasses, or reordering contacts to make sure they use all of the money in their account. Again, why would you wait if that money is available to you now. Getting that off your mental to-do list, will help you think about the holiday gifts and memories you will be making with your family and friends this holiday.


We love December! We see a lot of patients in the month and we want to help ensure that each patient maximizes the benefits that they have paid for to the fullest! We love helping people determine how to take full advantage of these benefits and use them on eyewear or services that can truly help them see better and stay healthy.