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Practical Tips For Matching Your Makeup to Your Glasses


Some days us girls are faced with the problem am I going to hide my eyes with my glasses today? Or am I going to sacrifice being able to see so that I can show off my makeup? After hitting the fashion magazines for advice, it is apparent that as long as you follow the basic tips according to your frames, you’ll be able to create a look that is still very visible and compliments your glasses well.

The different techniques depend on which kinds of glasses you normally wear and most glasses fall into three main categories of types of frames. We’ve chosen to focus on the three main types of frames, so that you can find the perfect way to do your makeup in a way that compliments your specs and your eyes.

Wire Frames

When it comes to wire frames, a more natural look will bring the most attention to your eyes. First, start with a light eyeshadow base that matches the lightest skin tone on your face. Try to keep away from a base with shimmer with the wire frames, the more natural the makeup, the better the look. Next, blend in a medium neutral color that goes well with your frames over the part of the lid that covers the actual eye. This next step is perhaps the most important, adding a light line of eyeliner that slightly thickens as you go out, seals the look and is a must with any frames. Complete the line all the way across the lid, making sure to brighten the whole eye. Top the look off with light mascara, and you’ll have a natural look that makes your eyes, and your glasses, pop.

Colored Frames

Unlike wired frames, the first step to matching colored frames is the eyebrows. It’s important to fill them out and bring them up a bit so that they don’t get lost behind the frames. Next, choose an eyeshadow base and blend it up to the brow line. Next, apply a bold neutral color that works well with the frames and blend it evenly up to the crease of the eye. To judge how much eyeliner to put on, use the thickness of the glasses as a guide, the thicker the frames, the thicker the liner. If the frames are big and chunky, it can be beneficial to add a light line to the bottom of the eye as well. Finally, apply mascara in a zigzag fashion in order to fully coat the lashes and complete the fullest look possible.

Patterned Frames

Patterned frames are perhaps the hardest frames to work with because they are so bold that they immediately become the focal point of the face. And for this look, unlike the other two looks, it is going to be the face makeup that makes the look instead of the eye makeup. Start with a shimmery blush that’s going to make your face glow. The eyeshadow for this look is the same as with the wire frames and the eyeliner follows the same rules as the colored frame look. The finishing touch to this chic look is the lipstick. Been looking for an excuse to break out the red lipstick? This is the time! Choose a bold, colorful lipstick that complements your glasses but brings attention to the face beyond the glasses.

Of course, always be careful waving those wands around your eyes.  We see many a scratched eye from makeup mishaps.  The price of beauty does not need to include hurting your beautiful eyes!




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