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Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome, What’s That?

DeathtoStock_Desk7As technology has become more and more integrated into daily life, the tolls that it takes on your body are being discovered. Staring at a screen all day has been proven to cause posture problems, soreness of the neck and shoulders, and also problems with vision, such as Computer Vision Syndrome. Since vision is our specialty here at Castle Pines Eye Care, we’d like to educate you on CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and prevent you from suffering any damage to your vision.

Computer screens, unlike print, cause your eyes to do a lot of work. The lines aren’t as defined, the screen can have glares, and the contrasts between the background and the letters can be straining if they are too hard or too soft. Also, the angles and distance of the screen are unusual and cause the eyes to make some adjustments that they aren’t familiar with. All of these factors take a toll on your eyes and if you partake in in up to two hours of constant computer use at a time, the effects on your eyes could be very noticeable. Symptoms of computer vision syndrome include eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. If you have untreated vision problems already, those could cause the symptoms of CVS to be intensified.

If you spend up to two hours consecutively starting at a computer screen a day and are noticing these problems, you should seek treatment. If your symptoms are minor, feel free to try at home treatments before visiting an eye doctor. Easy at home treatments include changing the way you view the computer so that the screen is slightly below eye level and 20 to 28 inches away from your eyes. Also, reduce the glare that reflects off your screen, whether it is moving lights around, using blinds and curtains, or even just changing the positioning of your computer within the room, by simply reducing the glare on the screen, your eyes could be saved from strain. If you have glasses or contacts to help you see far away, take them off before using your computer so that your eye isn’t having to put so much work into fighting your lenses in order to focus on the screen. In order to prevent your eyes from drying out while using a computer or tablet, make a continuous effort to blink so that the outer layer of the eyes are staying moistened. Finally, give your eyes a break, if there’s no way to escape the computer for a day, try escaping it for a short period of time. For every two hours of use, give your eyes a 15 minute break from the screen, and leading up to those two hours, for every twenty minutes of viewing a screen, stare at something distant for 20 seconds so that your eyes can adjust and not have to be strained to focus on one area.

If the at home treatments aren’t working, or your symptoms are severe, please call our office to schedule an appointment. We can get you set up with special lenses made for viewing screens, so that your eyes no longer have trouble with focusing on a screen.